Kakamega: Pregnant woman accidentally gives birth in pit latrine, drops baby during ‘long call’ session

A pregnant woman in Kakamega County claims she unknowingly dropped her child into the pit latrine as she was helping herself.

The woman from Lwatingu village on Sunday stated in a video that she did not know it was her due date when she went to the bathroom and unexpectedly gave birth.

“I had gone to relieve myself then by bad lack the baby fell into the latrine,” she said.

The mother of three said she started feeling labor pains actively at 3 am and told her husband to get a motorbike that will take her to the hospital.

But her husband delayed and went to seek transport at 5 am.

“I told him to go look for two people who would help me get to the hospital but he told me people don’t come out at night in the area,” she said.

Later, Mudora’s husband noticed that she was visibly not pregnant.

That was when he sought help from their neighbors to ask the wife what had happened to the baby after he noticed blood stains in the latrine.

Residents and police were gathered at the pit latrine trying to rescue the newborn from the pit latrine.

Police and rescue teams were called to the homestead to help with the rescue operations.

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