How Kenyan celebrities are living fake lives on social media, according to Size 8

Gospel superstar Linet Munyali, also known as Size 8, has adopted a strong stance against the mass of phony lives that many celebrities post on social media.

The “Mateke” hitmaker told Citizen TV about the dishonest behavior of people who post images of other people’s cars online and claim ownership of them.

“Social media is full of fake life. You see people bragging and posting a flashy lifestyle, but that is not real. Some even just take photos on people’s cars and then go on social media and caption it, ‘2024 winning’. If you are not careful, you end up doubting God, yet that is not their real life,” Size 8 remarked.

Size 8
Size 8

Gospel singer highlights misleading social media images and personal experience with deceptive practices, revealing that these practices influenced her decision to give her life to Jesus.

“When I released my first gospel song, I thought it was not going to trend, so I even had a plan B of opening a business. Glory to God that the song became a hit, and everyone knew that I was now a gospel singer,” Size 8 reflected.

The gospel artist went on to describe the challenges she faced after transitioning to a gospel career.

Balancing singing and preaching became difficult, leading her to take a hiatus from the industry.

Size 8 candidly admitted to falling sick during this period and decided to prioritise serving God over her music career.

“The trials I went through in 2016 have made me stronger in my salvation journey,” she shared.

She revealed that she parted ways with friends upon embracing her faith.

“As I got saved, my true friends became envious, and those who were not genuine became even more jealous. I found myself turning to drink daily, and there were moments when I would end up alone in the club in the early morning hours,” Size 8 shared.

She acknowledged that had she not changed her ways, she might have veered towards a dangerous path.

“The environment I was in was incredibly isolating. If I hadn’t taken a different path, I could have easily ended up struggling with substance abuse or even tried suicide,” Size 8 confessed.

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