Graduate burns all his academic certificates after failing to secure employment

A man has set fire to every diploma he has earned, from elementary school to university, out of frustration and rage.

The irate young man claimed in a viral video that his diplomas from school had served him no good since they were issued.

Olutimain Alvin Lanre, the man, completed his National Youth Service (NYSC) in 2013 after receiving his degree from Ajayi Crowther University.

Lanre bemoaned the fact that his diplomas were worthless because the only jobs he could perform after graduating were ones intended for the uneducated.

Lanre believed that learning skills was a better option for young people than spending a lot of time in school to obtain certifications that they would never use.

He took out all the diplomas, set them ablaze, and bemoaned the fact that he had not used them to obtain anything beneficial for himself.

While some online users supported him, others criticized him for acting in what they perceived as a hasty manner.

The video was posted by @perfectskones and @ngozikan.

Watch the video below:

Netizens react:


“If he does that, how would his message be passed?”

@therealmifo commented:

“Coloured photocopy machines dey. Who are you fooling?”

@HarunaNuhu said:

“Valid points but rash action to take.”

@OkoronkwoJohns1 said:

“He is expressing frustrations of Nigeria as a country.”

@2023best_is_35 said:

“I have enlarged mine. They are in my sitting room. It is a reminder for me not to allow my children to study useless courses in this country. Rather, they will go for professional courses.”

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