Grace Msalame unveils new bae in cutest photo

Celebrity media personality Grace Msalame is finally in love again.

The mother of three announced the news by sharing a photo on Instagram showing off the guy.

The only accompanying text was the two emojis to the right, “♾️♥️”

The very private media personality made sure that she turned off comments for the Instagram post most likely knowing the way Kenyans would speculate and guess at the identity of her man.

Grace Msalame unveils new bae in cutest photo
Grace Msalame unveils new bae in cutest photo

Grace stated during the conversation that took place at Kenya National Theatre that the new man had helped her rediscover love and that he was everything she had hoped for.

“Any man who is hard working and passionate and creative naturally won my heart, and as I grew of course, all of us, us women the picture perfect family, the knight in shining armour, the beautiful wedding, and the children that follow through as I grew I discovered it’s not black and white, not that easy,” she said.

Adding that a lot of her view on relationships had been shaped by her own dad.

“Broke a few hearts or my heart got broken a few times, but I learnt, and I guess I just realized that I just didn’t know any better. Something I discovered and it’s probably through knowledge and therapy it’s for the longest time, I thought I had to be a certain way to be loved, be perfect or if I’m not this person will leave. Funny enough I got that from my father. I felt I had to be a certain way to see me, to notice me, and I carried that into my relationships.”

I felt if I wasn’t perfect, they would leave. And of course, you don’t carry that with you into your relationships so they were doomed to fail from the get-go.”

In all this, her faith had been steadfast and she was lucky to get another shot at love with her beau ‘winning her heart’,

“So I tried and even later on, I became a mother but didn’t find the love of my life, I held onto that hope even with the trials and some publicly unfortunately, and because of the years of just not knowing any better, I was jaded and damaged so I hardly saw him as that at first.

Grace Msalame with her Twin daughters
Grace Msalame with her Twin daughters

So I still held back. I didn’t give of myself but slowly he won his way into my heart, and it melted, you know that feeling ladies. Yeah, for the first time in my life, I felt safe, I felt seen and I felt heard. For me, that’s very important to exist in that environment.”

Grace is a mother of beautiful twins whom she co-parents with her baby daddy, Paul Ndichu.

In an earlier interview with NTV, the Unscripted by Grace host clarified that she got her twins out of wedlock and that she was never married to the father of her children.

“I got pregnant when I was 24 and my dad also passed away during the same time it was a blessing from God because I had twins and he must have had plans for me,” she said.

“Three facts about me: I have never been married; I have always been a single mom; God still called me. I have no idea where the marriage story came from. I am glad I finally know that to be a Christian doesn’t mean perfection but participation!” she said back then.

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