“I’ve never struggled in life, I come from a rich family” – Frankie JustGymIt confesses

Fitness expert Frankie Kiarie aka JustGym is talking candidly about his upbringing; in a recent interview with Financially Incorrect, the father of four was quite forthright.

“I’ve never really struggled with finances. I’m from a well-off family. Never been broke in my life, like I don’t know how that feels,” he said, assuring Kenyans that he was not bragging.

He was speaking about being a University student locally and abroad, getting pocket money from his family.

“It’s not a flex that’s not what I am saying. Trust me I’m just saying like genuinely,” he admitted.

His aim has always been to own and run a successful gym which is over a month old. He was asked if he put consideration into family and finances as he has two baby mamas and four children.

“Were there any financial considerations when making the decision that you made that have led you to this point -a bigger family?”

“I was just smashing. There was no financial hmmm…nah it just happened..” as he laughed about it.

Frankie JustGymIt confesses
Frankie JustGymIt confesses

Frankie was then asked if he ever thought he was putting himself into a fix and if it ever occurred to him it would be tough

“So I have Luhyia blood in me right..so kids is a blessing for me like literally every single time I was told I was pregnant,” he paused.

“I was like ok let’s go let’s have this kid. I have never felt like oh my God what? There are times when you second guess yourself and you think, ‘Oh man am I ready for all of this?’ But at the end of the day if I’m gonna say, ‘Cool let’s go with it.’ 100 % I’m gonna be there.” he continued about being able to sustain his children.

Frankie JustGymIt confesses
Frankie JustGymIt confesses

He lavished praise on Corazon Kwamboka and Maureen Waititu,

“It is what it is the two situations I’ve been in I’ve never regretted a single thing. A lot of people complain about their baby mamas, not mine. I have great baby mamas. they take care of the kids perfectly. That’s something again that has allowed me to be able to become who I’ve become.”

He says this allows him to travel, plus how they have agreed on co-parenting, “I keep them well.”

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