Fisherman catches huge honeycomb fish worth KSh 450m, eats it with friends

A large honeycomb fish worth millions was caught by an anonymous African fisherman.

People gathered to observe the great catch as it lay on the ground in a video posted by @porche_blog on TikTok.

According to the blog, the fisherman shared his enormous catch with his friends, which internet people disapproved of.

According to the blog, the fish is worth $3.1 million, or more than KSh 450 million.

How much is Honeycomb fish?

The honeycomb fish, scientifically known as Acanthostracion polygonum, derives its name from the intricate honeycomb-like patterns that adorn its vibrant body and are often found in the warm waters of coral reefs.

According to reports, the cost of a honeycomb fish at $276 (over KSh 40,185) and $344 (over KSh 50,000).

“It is Honeycomb Morah Eel. The International market price for a fully grown one is $344,” a TikToker, Aequitas, said.

Another fish enthusiast, identified as Bin Mansir on TikTok, opined:

“It’s honeycomb moray ell and it’s $276.”

People react to the big honeycomb fish catch

Dr.GOD said: “At least both him and his friends are now worth $3.1million.”

Dre said: “This is what it means when they say chop money.”

clintonmathias375 said: “They just ate $3.1 million in a day. Bro just made history in his family. First man to eat that amount in this hard time.”

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