“He was drunk” – Dr. Ofweneke clarifies interview saga with Stoopid Boy

Dr. Ofweneke recently claimed that the arbantone singer, Stoopid Boy, had declined a scheduled interview on his show, citing the need for payment.

“He cancelled last minute…because he wanted to be paid…Stoopid Boy just wiat, we will pay you, hapa ndio unatoanga song ya pili ya nne unaanza kutafuta Dr Ofweneke wapromote ngoma, tutakumbuka, we shall revisit this one,” he said before proceeding with his show.

Days later, Dr Ofweneke has changed the narrative, disclosing that he had made arrangements to arrange transportation for Stoopid Boy to and from the interview.

However, Stoopid Boy unexpectedly cancelled the interview at the last moment and expressed that he no longer required the transportation services.

“What you guys don’t know is, He agreed to the interview in the beginning, he asked for transport which was ready to and fro for him, no host pays artists for interviews, it wasn’t a performance, it was an interview,

“So when called on how far he is he said he has to be paid, last minute, and that he doesn’t need us, we need him and he has 2 million views so tutoke kwa simu yake tukimaliza…..and he was drunk….to be honest guys, to be honest!” he noted.

Stoopid Boy responds to Dr. Ofweneke

In a video that is now going viral, the artiste has responded confirming that it was true he wanted to be paid to appear in the show.

In the video, he is seen with fellow artiste Madocho.

“That’s why nilikuambia lazima ujue vile naishi kwanza ndio uniite….Saa hizi venye mziki yetu imetufikisha, hauwezitupanga. Tunaneda ma-interview bila doo,” he said.

Dr. Ofweneke clarifies interview saga with Stoopid Boy
Dr. Ofweneke clarifies interview saga with Stoopid Boy

The singer added;

“Kuna kitu inaitwa sitting allowance, kukaa chini kuongea na me ni mtu wa maana, Momba haukuniita kabla sijatoa hio ngoma ya Gbaga Jat?”

“Interview bila doo haiwezi,” he concluded.

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