Diamond Platinumz set to impregnate Uganda singer Spice Diana

Diamond Platnumz is presently working in Kampala, Uganda.

Diamond was questioned about his relationship with Ugandan artist Spice Diana after having recently welcomed her in Tanzania during a press conference after his arrival.

Concerns regarding a possible intimate relationship between Spice Diana and Diamond during the tour were raised by a media figure.

Diamond responded by making it clear that their interactions will be limited to making music together and denying any romantic ties.

Diamond clarified the circumstances of their relationship by stating that Spice Diana had gone to Tanzania to work with his signee, Zuchu.

He extended his kindness by entertaining her at his home and showing her around his workplace while she was there.

“For Spice, I have worked with her before…she’s been to Tanzania and she worked with my artist Zuchu… I hosted her at my house, and she’s been to my office as well,” he said.

Adding, “As far as I am concerned, we are brother and sister, but she is not a bad person to have a kid with because she is cute,” Diamond clarified.

During the press conference, the Baikoko hitmaker also denied being in a relationship with his signee, Zuchu, addressing ongoing rumors surrounding their connection.

He affirmed that they maintained a professional relationship within the music industry.

The discussion then shifted to Diamond’s views on polygamy.

The talented musician, who identifies as Muslim, explained that his religious beliefs permit him to have up to four wives, although he emphasized that he currently does not have any wives.

Diamond further stated that the decision to pursue a relationship with him lay in the hands of interested individuals, particularly women.

“I don’t mind. I am Muslim, and I am allowed to have four wives. I don’t even have one yet, so it’s up to you ladies to shoot your shot,” Diamond expressed.

Diamond also highlighted his expectation that if he invests significantly in a woman, she should be open to the idea of bearing him a child.

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