David Moya reveals the highest amount he has been paid for surprise

David Moya, a dance entertainer, disclosed that he was paid the most he has ever been paid for an unexpected performance in Dubai, receiving about Ksh 830,000 for the gig.

The TikTok star revealed that the funds originated from a South Sudanese national in an interview with Oga Obinna, explaining that the high cost was appropriate given the unique nature of the request.

“The highest amount I’ve ever been paid was around Sh830,000. I can show proof if you doubt it,” Moya David told Obinna.

Explaining why he charged such a substantial amount, he said, “It just happened recently. What happened was, I went to Dubai. So, when someone contacts me for an international job, it’s usually on the weekends. What happens is, if it’s a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday… it’s South Sudan. He wanted me to stay in Dubai for five days. I calculate those days because I also have many gigs here in the country. I calculate almost every day.”

Moya revealed that he usually has a busy schedule during weekends and shared that he typically performs at least four surprise events in the country on Saturdays and Sundays.

“I counted them. Four on Saturday, four on Sunday, then I gave him the total. Because I’ll be out of the country,” he said.

David Moya reveals the highest amount he has been paid for surprise
David Moya reveals the highest amount he has been paid for surprise

The dance performer disclosed that he offers different packages to his clients, covering his fee, his videographer’s fee, accommodation, and security.

He mentioned that the most affordable package for local clients is approximately Ksh 29,000.

“I have a package for clients within Nairobi, just outside Nairobi, and outside Nairobi, and an international package,” he said.

He added, “Currently, within Nairobi, I charge Sh29,000. But that package comes with a cake and gifts as well. The gift comes from me. If you calculate, it’s not like I charged you Sh29,000. Just outside Nairobi starts from around Sh35,000.”

He noted that clients within Nairobi who want the surprise video posted on his social media pages need to pay an additional Sh5,000.

For clients outside Nairobi, the cost is approximately between Sh80,000-90,000.

International clients, on the other hand, are expected to pay around $3,500-$5,000.

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