Celebrating MC Gogo, the fast-rising talented events MC in Kenya

Franklin Mark Gogo popularly known as MC Gogo is an events MC, commercial model, brand influencer and voice over artiste.

In the past one year, the 25-year-old has been a hit across different social media platforms; especially TikTok where he shares video snippets from his live shows.

Out of this, MC Gogo rose to command a followership of over 400,000 people and 4 million likes on TikTok alone.

Here is his story courtesy of WoK:


MC Gogo was born and raised in Dandora, Nairobi County.

In an interview with Nairobi News, the entertainer noted that growing up, he had not pictured himself as an MC in future.

It was not until an MC for a church event got ill, when the responsibility of hosting the event was bestowed upon him.

He explained that following the event, he enjoyed performing in events.

“The event was really good and from there on, I really loved the microphone and considered it as something that I could do,” he said.

MC Gogo noted that it did not take long before he started going out, looking for emceeing gigs by himself.

“I started looking for events within my neighbourhood and I would work with CBOs, even if they don’t pay, at least I’ve gotten the exposure,” he said.

MC Gogo
MC Gogo

When the first COVID-19 case was reported in Kenya and precautionary measures put in place, it meant no business for MC Gogo.

As a result, he sat down with two of his DJ friends and brainstormed on how to beat the COVID-19 pandemic and still eke out a living for themselves.

The three the approached a mutual friend who worked with a local organization and pitched their idea with him.

“We wanted to do Facebook live shows and needed a space to record from. He told us to try it on Friday. On Friday we tried; and the reception was awesome. That’s how we started the shows,” he said.

It was around the same time when MC Gogo thought of opening a TikTok account; although he noted that he had sworn never to.

“I had vowed never to join TikTok. I felt it was an app built for women. Then one day someone sent me a teaser of a mix we had done and told me he picked it from TikTok

“Someone must have plucked it from my Instagram and shared it on TikTok. So I decided to join and see how it goes,” he said.

On creating TikTok content, he would listen to his live performances and crop out a snippet which he would then post.

His first ever video on the platform went viral making him an instant hit.

“I look at my phone and it’s blowing up; notifications after notifications. I look at the video and it had over 20,000 views in an hour and a half. In two hours, the video was already at 150,000 views

“By the end of the day, the video had 500,000 views and a while later, it managed 1 million views. It was then when I started using TikTok more often,” he said.

MC Gogo also started working with other DJs as a guest performer, and he would be recommended for emceeing gigs.

He aded that his parents are supportive of his choice of career.

“My mum understands that it’s a job because personally, I don’t drink alcohol. I just create the vibe and come back. It’s just a job like any other,” he explained.

MC Gogo also disclosed that he is a devoted christian and he would never miss church.

“I could be having a show on Saturday even when it’s outside Nairobi and on Sunday I am in church. I also never miss classes

“I remember the day my DJ friends found me studying inside a club and laughed so hard. I was going through my PDF notes because I had an exam the following day,” he stated.

MC Gogo, who charges between Ksh 30,000 and Ksh 100,000 for his services.

This article was first published on whownskenya.

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