“Our son is learned” – Brian Mwenda’s family says he’s a graduate lawyer from KSL

Arnold Njagi, father of Brian Mwenda, who was accused by the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) of impersonating a lawyer, has defended his son’s academic credentials, arguing that, contrary to popular belief, he is a trained lawyer.

The Law Society of Kenya accused Mwenda of impersonating a lawyer and scamming unsuspecting people while lacking the necessary qualifications.

Njagi told the press on Monday about Mwenda’s path from primary to university, noting that he completed a diploma degree in criminology in 2016 and was eligible to enroll at Strathmore University the following year.

According to Njagi, his son graduated in 2020 and enrolled at the Kenya School of Law, where he was admitted to the bar after two years.

“He pursued a diploma course in criminology which enabled him to join Strathmore University in 2017 and graduate in 2020. In 2021, he joined the Kenya School of Law and completed in December 2022,” he noted.

“His first case was representing a family member in court. He made an application for appeal but unfortunately, there was no response to his application. So, he has been working in Nairobi until recently when he told me that some people were claiming that he is not a qualified lawyer.”

Further, Njagi wondered why LSK accused his son of posing as a lawyer despite registering with the body.

“Our son is learned since we have been doing follow-up when he was in school, and we held several fundraisers for his school fees until he was done,” he added.

“Therefore we are shocked by the news that Brian has been operating as a quack representing his clients in courts.”

Mwenda’s father stated that he awaits the judgment in court concerning his son, expressing confidence that justice will prevail.

In a statement on Saturday, LSK explained that they had invited the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to launch investigations into the matter.

LSK accused Mwenda of taking full control of a real advocate’s account and practicing law under disguise.

Following the revelation, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) asked Inspector General Japhet Koome to submit Mwenda’s file upon completion of investigations in order to determine whether to prosecute him or not.

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