Baha resurfaces with new lover after social media break

Social media personality Tyler Mbaya aka Baha has revealed a new bae after breakup with Georgina.

Tyler was later spotted in a leaked video with a curvy woman. The video on Nairobi Gossip Club got tongues wagging as netizens speculate about his new woman.

This was a week ago. He was walking into a club with a woman who looks similar to the one in the video with a caption:

“No Games Played on this Side of Town🧐😈😂”



Below are reactions from fans:

s_t_e_v_e_n_001: Ni kuoga ukiwa umerudi soko very fast😂😂

yvonnekeycercar: Georgina typing and deleting…😂

mwarishannita: Don’t care batton >>>>>>

young_jaygraph: @tyler_mbaya Acha utiaji Kula Kwa macho imeruhisiwa ata na Rais bana😂

isyourghurlheima: Hata hakuna kuoga tunaingia tu soko vvv fast😂

__.r.a.y.o._: Kupiga passport na kurudi soko😂

terez_mungai:  Kusema tu ukweli baha uko na taste ya ndimu😂😂ama ulifuata Haga???😂

Social media break:

Weeks ago, he said he was taking a break from social media to focus on himself and his family a few days after he was exposed for allegedly having a gambling addiction.

The 23-year-old actor shared the information with his social media followers on Sunday, June 11 , 2023, where he admitted he will be offline for a duration of two weeks.

His update however comes at a time when many felt he had been clout chasing to help market a new song by one of his good friends.

So far Tyler Mbaya has not only admitted to borrowing money in the name of his ‘young family’ but was open about his gambling addiction hence his cry for help now that it no longer remains a secret to his online family.

Baha resurfaces with new lover after social media break
Baha resurfaces with new lover after social media break

As seen on a new post shared on his Instagram stories, Tyler Mbaya made it known he will be turning a new leaf which is why he is currently in rehab seeking help for his mental struggles including gambling addiction.

Wagwan #TylerGang Doc feels like I need a short social media break as a form of detox as I start on my journey to recovery. I agree… I need tp prioritize my mental health. Hence Ill take a two week break to allow me to have a proper start. Will be back soon #recovery,” the actor wrote on his IG stories.

Tyler Mbaya a conman?

His latest statement now confirms the truth in Nurse Judy’s posts on social media where she had accused the father of one of borrowing money from Kenyans living in the US in the name of fending for his family only for him to blow it up in betting sites.

Nurse Judy tells off Tyler Mbaya

Knowing the efforts and work I put into making the kind of money I make it was disheartening. I said what I said, and I am not taking it back. I needed to call him out, and it’s probably going to be a blessing because he will likely get help and fix himself,” Nurse Judy wrote on her page.

However, unluckily for Nurse Judy who is known for her controversial exposes on social media, this time around Kenyans on Instagram could not agree with how she handled the situation – especially judging from how most youths seem to be drowning in depression.

But then again – thanks to the expose. Tyler already is now believed to have checked into a rehab to help which will probably have a positive influence on him. Word has it that he has distanced himself from his fatherly duties, leaving girlfriend Georgina Njenga to handle all the bills.

Baha resurfaces with new lover after social media break
Baha resurfaces with new lover after social media break

Responding to Nurse Judy’s Direct message on social media, Georgina made it known that she was unaware of her boyfriend’s activities on social media.

“I’m not aware of anything of the sort and no we are not being evicted. He didn’t even tell me about this. and I pay all the bills. He has been having betting problems but if anything he did not borrow money to help us with anything probably for him. I feel so bad that he’s just using our child to get money and just bet. Georgina wrote to Nurse Judy.

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