“I want a financially stable man” – Amber Ray explains why she needs rich partner

Despite her present single status, socialite Amber Ray has stated that she is not ready to give up on love.

The mother of two recently confirmed her single status and requested that people cease sending her direct messages (DMs) of interest.

“I am single and focusing on taking care of my children. I’ll take as much time as I need before entering another relationship,” she said.

Amber Ray broke up with her second baby daddy, Kennedy Rapudo a few weeks ago after an alleged domestic violence.

During the interview, she said she did not want to dwell so much on what transpired since he is still the father of her child.

“I’ve never clout-chased because I’m always in the news. The father of my daughter deserves respect, and while he has apologized, let’s leave that for now. Love is beautiful and worth cherishing while it lasts. But for it to work, having financial stability is crucial. Love is good, but you should have money,” Amber Ray emphasized.

Amber Ray also shared insights into her ideal man, highlighting financial stability as a significant criterion when choosing a partner.

“I am financially stable, and to date, I am seeking a man with financial security. I have no interest in financially supporting a man. I can take care of my children.”

She also addressed the common misconception that dating her requires owning a Range Rover.

“People think they need to own a Range Rover to be with me. When I started dating the father of my daughter, Kennedy Rapudo, he drove a X5,” she revealed.

Amber Ray added, “It’s not just about cars. People I have dated in the past had luxurious cars, and I’ve experienced a variety of fine things and rides. That doesn’t entice me. I am who I am.”

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