“Sorry, I was in love” – Akothee finally apologizes to Miguna Miguna

Esther Akoth, also known as Akothee, has spoken up about her divorce from former husband Denis ‘Omosh’ Schweizer.

Akothe began his Facebook message by apologizing to Lawyer Miguna Miguna, who had questioned him about who Omosh was.

Akothee stated that she was in a vulnerable circumstance and was unable to question any concern expressed by a well-meaning Kenyan.

Miguna was one of the few Kenyans who challenged Akothee about who Omosh was, but the singer snubbed him.

“After God and Women, Fear Miguna. Sorry for being rude bro I was in love, I meant well. Three people you can never advise in life; a woman in love, a woman ready to settle down, a woman in need of a family,” Akothee said.

At the time she met Omosh, Akothee says she was in a situation where she wanted to settle down and needed to be loved.

At the time, she explained her family support was nowhere and as such she needed closure which she thought she could find in Omosh.

“I had no support from family or friends, On several occasions I have felt like selling everything and going to hide somewhere no one would find me. I kind of felt alone in a world full of people. I found solace in Denis. He looked like the exact perfect match for those few months,” she said.

“I can say I ignored all the red flags, I convinced myself that this particular one was the right one for me. I was and still is innocent. I have forgiven myself for being naive, honest, and stupid. But that doesn’t define me as a person. I won in most cases, I lost in this one it’s okay,” she said.


” If I continued with the narrative of staying in this marriage after all that I know now, my life would have been shorter than the shortest verse in the bible. I had to protect myself and my sanity the rest is history. It is well,” she noted.

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