Akothee defends Diana Marua, demands respect from her kids

Akothee, a well-known stage name for outspoken Kenyan singer Esther Akoth, has defended Instagram content creator Diana Marua Bahati in the face of allegations that she had children with renowned footballer Victor Wanyama, movie producer and director Abel Mutua, and rapper KRG the Don.

Akothee criticized those who altered a photo Diana shared of her three daughters, Morgan, Heaven, and Majesty Bahati, and photo-shopped the three men to suggest that they are the children’s real fathers rather than singer Bahati, who is also in the image.

Wanyama, Abel and KRG the Don were photoshopped close to the children to portray the close resemblance.

Wanyama was linked to Morgan Bahati, Abel Mutua was linked to Majesty and KRG the Don was linked to Heaven.

“This photoshop should stop there for the sake of the children. If you hate Bahati and Diana, (then it) has nothing to do with the children. I wish we all had humanity…

How can you take a whole family photo and start comparing peoples children with other individuals ? What exactly came into your mind? That what happened? This is how society paints women in this discriminate society,” Akothee said.

“How painful will it be if it were you in this picture, be it a man or a woman, a father or a mother even the children in the photos?… The same photos will be used by bullies in school to bully the innocent children on behalf of their parents.

Which world are we living in? As celebrities we post our families first as our albums, secondly as motivation to some of the most irresponsible parents I know and third as entertainment. Don’t take this for granted, your jealousy won’t stop celebrities from being celebrated,” she went on.

“Where children are involved, I won’t keep quite. Us celebrities are equally raising broken children because of you bullies. You bully us, bully our families, bully our children. Humanity left this streets. The entitlement internet people have is sickening. All are sadist and narcissist causing people pain left right center,” said Akothee.

She went on reveal that had she been in Diana and Bahati’s shoes, she would sue whoever edited the photo, no matter their social or economic status.

She also demanded respect for families, especially where children are concerned.

Earlier, Wanyama had also issued a statement over the same issue, which he termed as foolishness.

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