Actress Gloria Moraa narrates how she survived Embakasi explosion

Embakasi explosion: On February 1, 2024, at around midnight, explosions rocked a gas-filling plant in Embakasi, a suburb of Nairobi. It was a terrifying night. The plant is located next to Nyayo Estate in a residential area with a high population density that includes informal settlements.

Many locals who live close to the explosion site, such as well-known actress Gloria Moraa, who is best known for her part in the enduring local television series Tahidi High, have been sharing their terrifying experiences.

Moraa claims she initially believed the explosion to be the second coming of Christ due to its size and the noises it produced.

She described the pandemonium as people fled in fear, men, women, and kids of all ages attempting to get to safety. It seemed as though day broke into night, causing a traumatic

“We are running all over trying to call each other; it was helter-skelter. Women, men, kids of all ages from 0… it was traumatizing. My feet are still shaking from the ordeal.

The pain of seeing women holding babies, some without clothes, others in vests only, was something else. I haven’t slept a wink. Others slept outside. May God be with the affected families. It is sad,” Moraa narrated.

Embakasi explosion
Embakasi explosion

According to the Government Spokesperson, the explosion resulted from a gas tank on an unregistered lorry igniting and exploding.

A flying gas cylinder fell into a go-down dealing in garments and textiles, causing a massive fireball. The inferno damaged numerous vehicles, commercial properties, and residential houses in the vicinity.

Regrettably, two individuals lost their lives while being attended to at Nairobi West Hospital, and 222 others sustained injuries and were rushed to various hospitals.

The explosion is reportedly linked to an alleged illegal gas refilling plant located at the site of the tragedy.

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