UPDATE: 204 MPs approve William Ruto’s Finance Bill 2024

The Finance Bill for the year 2024 has advanced past the second reading stage, receiving approval from 204 MPs and facing rejection from 115 others.

No abstentions were noted during the voting process. The Members of Parliament opted for an acclamation vote instead of a secret ballot.

The decision was reached after a detailed discussion on each clause based on the Finance Committee’s report.

The Bill will now progress to the Committee of the Whole House.

“Members, the matter of the Finance Bill are now over, we wait for the committe of the whole, those who have amendments to file, clerk and his team will process those amendments,” Speaker Wetangu’la said.

204 MPs approves William Ruto's Finance Bill 2024
204 MPs approves William Ruto’s Finance Bill 2024

MPs had until 1pm Thursday to submit their proposed amendments.

The committee of the whole will then considered all the proposed amendments and take a vote on each and approve clauses with or without amendments.

If approved by the House committee, the Bill will move to the final stage for Third reading after which MPs will take a vote.

This final phase has been scheduled for Tuesday, June 25.

“As you have been told, the House will sit on Tuesday morning when we will proceed on the same matter. Open the bar, open the doors, now call out the next order,” Wetang’ula ruled.

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