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“Wanaume wamejaa inbox na email yangu” – Jackie Matubia reveals men are thirsting over her

Kenyan actress Jacky Matubia has found herself in the spotlight as men inundated her with messages and emails after she revealed her single status.

“Mlikua mnauliza ni lini mtu ataannounce ako single, mnanijazia dms, adi email kwani ni job application, alah!Kenyan men,” she said in a one-minute video.

Loosely translated, “You are flooding my DMs, even emailing like it’s a job application, seriously! Kenyan men. My apologies, there are no vacancies.”

According to the actress, news of her breakup drew swift attention, leading numerous men to express interest in connecting with her.
Matubia ‘single mother of two’

On Tuesday, Matubia, a mother of two, publicly confirmed that she and her actor fiancé Blessing Lung’aho had parted ways, ending their nearly two-year-long relationship.

In an Instagram post, she proudly declared herself a “single mother of two,” sparking significant interest among her followers.

The two have been keeping their relationship troubles under wraps with Jackie occasionally posting hints that they were not okay.

Even attempts to fizzle out the on-air rumours of their breakup were futile as the actress could not stop sending fans hints.



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