“Shoti moja inatosha!” – Kenyan doctor advises men to go one round during Twa Twa

A Kenyan doctor identified as Dr. Ben has come out to educate Kenyans on how to avoid cancer by all means.

Taking to his TikTok account, Ben urged men not to overwork their parts by going more than shoti moja during Twa Twa.

Take a look at his rant below and tell us what you think in the comment section:

“Men, it’s high time we talk about this thing. Do you know we are suffering a disease that will affect us in the future? What we call prostate cancer. How does it come? Now, a man is releasing 800 to around 400 million sperm cells.


♬ original sound – Dr Ben

Have you heard that? 80 million to 300 million or the 400 million cells, sper*m cells, for your information, if you convert it into volumes, that is equivalent to one pint of blood.

“Now, we get pressures from our ladies, that, oh, I need three sho*ts, I need five sh*ts, four shots. My friend, never. Don’t be fooled. OK. If you’re going for those shots, four, five shots, six shots, that simply means you are losing one pint of blood on each shot.”

When you do that, you’re giving your prostate gland hard time to provide or produce enough seme*n for the shots that you want to carry out.

By that, you’ll cause prostate issues. The prostate issues will go to an extent of now in future causing what you call prostate cancer. So men, one sho*t is enough for a lady.

What you only need to do is this, make it long. But this story of going for 4, 5, 6 shots, my friend, you will die early. Your lady will not be there.

Take care of your prostate,” he concluded.

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