Jackie Matubia embraces single motherhood after breaking up with baby daddy

Jackie Matubia, a well-known actress, has provided a glimpse inside her life as an independent mother of two.

The honorable actress recently boasted about being independent and said that the loss of certain people had little effect on her life.

“I take pride in having my own, so when people leave my life, nothing changes besides their weird s** no longer being in it,” Matubia said in a post.

Matubia has been throwing subtle jabs at fellow actor Blessing Lung’aho following their failed relationship.

The former Tahidi High actress recently hinted in a video that lies played a significant role in the breakdown of their relationship.

The video featured a short caption that read, “He claimed he was still friends with his ex.” Matubia’s voice can be heard in the clip, questioning why trust is still given to men in the year 2023.

Jackie Matubia, daughter share adorable mommy-daughter moment rocking  matching outfits - Tuko.co.ke

On May 30, Matubia informed her fans that 2023 had been a challenging year for her.

Through her YouTube channel, the talented mother-of-two dropped hints about the events that unfolded, leaving her fans eagerly awaiting further revelations.

The actress addressed the ongoing speculation about her love life, acknowledging that the year had been challenging.

She expressed her deep love for her family and friends but admitted that she had neglected to prioritize herself, leading to others taking advantage of her selflessness.

Regarding the burning questions surrounding her romantic relationships, Matubia assured her fans that she would provide the answers they seek at the appropriate time.

She said she owed her supporters the truth and promised to release a comprehensive video to keep them updated.

“The same way I introduced him, I will let you know what is going to happen or how it is. You deserve all those answers because I put him in the spotlight. I will do a whole video to bring you up to date.”

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