Roysambu murder: Identity of slain woman finally revealed (PHOTO)

Investigators have discovered information suggesting that the deceased Roysambu woman and the accused met on Instagram.

The details came from the deceased woman’s account, which detectives deciphered while looking into the murder that happened on January 13 at an apartment in Roysambu, Nairobi.

According to new reports, the lady has been identified as Rita Waeni who is alleged to come from Mukimwani,Kisau Kiteta Ward in Mbooni.

The investigators say the two avoided using voice calls and other platforms like WhatsApp in their conversation and resorted to the social media platform.

This, according to the detectives shows the initiator, who is the man had an unclear agenda.

It is not clear how long the two had been in touch.

“It seems they conversed using the platform up to the day of the meeting. He gave her the directions to the apartment through the platform,” said an investigator aware of the probe.

The suspect had at one point told the woman he wanted to travel out of the country hence the need for the meeting.

The motive of the murder is yet to be established. Police are also yet to recover the woman’s head.

Rita Waeni
Rita Waeni

The woman then left her Syokimau home in Athi River for Roysambu for the meeting arriving late in the evening.

She told a friend she was headed for dinner and would be back.

Even though the family has identified the body, police have urged them to remain mum and calm and wait for forensic results on her identity.

According to police, part of the conversation between the two shows the man asked the girl to meet him at the TRM bus stop.

He told her he was in white shoes and after she alighted she told him where she was standing and her dress code.

They then met and proceeded to their already-booked room.

Police want to establish if the woman was drugged before she was abused and killed.

It is also believed the murder took place in the room’s bathroom.

The man is also believed to have used a hacksaw in his mission to dismember the body and later packed the body parts in a bed sheet and later in a paper bag and disposed of the remains in a dustbin.

Roysambu Murder
Roysambu Murder

The remains were discovered the following day long after the man had escaped the scene.

Police are questioning three suspects over the incident.

Among them is a foreigner who was nabbed at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on suspicion of being involved in the murder of the woman.

The suspect who was travelling using a Mozambican passport was intercepted before boarding a plane and interrogated at the airport before being transferred to the Kasarani Police Station pending identification.

Police say it is too early to ascertain whether the man in police custody is the suspect captured on camera picking keys to the house where the girl was allegedly killed and her body parts dumped in paper bags.

The investigating officers visited Ruaka where the suspected killer stayed or had been seen on the day the murder happened.

Using CCTV footage, and phone triangulation, the police placed the suspect in Ruaka, Kiambu, where he seems to have been staying for days.

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