“He was our only hope” – Family in tears as another missing protester found dead

A family in Kisii County found their son’s body at City Mortuary in Nairobi after a frantic search.

The family believes the teargas-canister explosion caused the burnt face and chest.

According to the family, Onsongo disregarded the advice of his neighbors who tried to talk him out of participating in the protests.

“His neighbours said that he left his house on the fateful day, saying he was going to witness how the protests were happening. Once on the road, it is said that he was motivated and joined the huge crowd of protesters on the street. He never returned!,” said Geofrey Mokoro, a relative.

“I am asking the government to help me bury my son. I have nothing. Dancun was my support system,” pleaded Ms Grace Kwamboka, the deceased’s mother amid sobs.

His father, William Nyakundi, described him as a straightforward person who was a skilled mechanic and a driver but could not find a job.

“I believed that the high cost of living and lack of employment are the reasons that pushed him to join the street protests,” explained Mr Nyakundi.

The deceased’s aunt Hellen Nyakerario said Duncan was the family’s breadwinner and appealed to well-wishers to help them transport his body to Kisii for burial.

“May the government listen to our children and may President William Ruto be sympathetic with suffering families,” said Ms Nyakerario.

The area Ward Representative Wycliff Siocha demanded for a comprehensive report from the government on what killed Duncan.

“I am calling for justice for Dancun. His family has not been contacted by any authority, not even a condolence message. We cannot just be having a government that is collecting taxes with nothing in return for wananchi,” he stated.

In its latest report released on July 2, the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) said at least 39 people had been killed since the beginning of the nationwide anti-Finance Bill and anti-government protests in Kenya.

At least 361 other people had been injured in clashes between police and protesters.

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