Kelvin Kinuthia starts laser hair removal procedure to get rid of his beards

Content creator Kelvin Kinuthia has started the laser hair removal procedure in an attempt to get rid of his beard.

The mechanism of laser hair removal, according to the Mayo Clinic, involves the emission of light that is absorbed by the pigment (melanin) in the hair.

This light energy turns into heat, harming the skin’s hair follicles and preventing or delaying the growth of new hair.

In the past, Kinuthia went to the barber frequently to get a clean cut and shaved his beard on a regular basis.

“You usually can’t see my beard because I shave it often, and sometimes I wear makeup. I sometimes lose motivation to create content because I have to go to the barbershop,” he revealed on YouTube.

“I used to have awkward moments walking into the barbershop with a wig and braids, and people would wonder why I was there.”

Kinuthia has decided to undergo laser hair removal sessions to permanently say goodbye to his beard.

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