Jacque Maribe attacks Judge after failing to appear on judgment day

On Friday, January 26, the High Court was scheduled to render a decision in the murder case of Monica Kimani. However, Jacque Maribe, a former news anchor for Citizen TV, was not present at the hearing.

Citing illness, Maribe asked the court to put off the delivery of the judgment through her attorney.

The ruling is ready, according to Justice Nzioka, and it will be made public on March 15, 2024. Maribe shared her emotions on social media after the judgment.

“To humiliate someone because of ill health is so wrong. And to make it clear, I have never missed court except once when I was ill,” she wrote.


“Kwani mwili yangu imejengwa na matofali? Hata that time I supposedly sought time to travel we were only being respectable enough to tell the court, and there was no due date interfering with that.”

In December, Maribe had expressed dissatisfaction with the court when the judgment was postponed to January 26th.

She wrote on Instagram stories, “It needs to stop. For five years I have respected the court, but this is too much. Justice delayed is justice denied. Stop putting people’s lives in limbo. I’m tired of this.”

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