“Mnipee time nifikirie” – Bomet Woman Cancels Wedding Hours to Ceremony

In Kapsoiyo, Bomet County, a church wedding scheduled for Saturday was abruptly called off after the prospective bride begged the planning committee for more time to change her mind.

A cancellation letter was received by the wedding planning committee, headed by Pastor Clement Chalulot of Kapsoiyo Africa Gospel Church (AGC), from the Reverend scheduled to perform the ceremony.

The letter stated that the ceremony would not go forward as planned due to a misunderstanding between the two families.

Pastor Chalulot claims that even though the groom’s family had paid the dowry, three cows, and other requirements, the wedding was called off.

“Yesterday, as by the agreement, she refused to give us her documents like ID and other requirements. She was also not willing to cooperate with us, even though her man to be was assuring us that all was well,” stated the Pastor.

“We are lucky we spent only Ksh.50,000 out of our total budget of Ksh.256,000 for the event.”

The woman stood her ground and declined to participate in the conversation, according to Pastor Chalulot, who also stated that a group of emissaries had previously been sent to mediate the situation between the two families.

As efforts to return the dowry commenced after the disastrous event, hundreds of villagers who had gathered in anticipation of the big day were given free mursik and other perishable foodstuffs that were prepared for the big day.

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