Suspect tells police he was paid to kill Tom Osinde, dump his body

It has recently come to light that former Treasury employee Tom Fred Mokaya Osinde was murdered at his home in Nakuru City’s Ngata Estate before being taken to Kisii County and dumped in the Gucha River.

According to detectives looking into the murder, Osinde’s body was driven in his Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 car to Kisii, which is a great distance from his house in Ngata.

Investigators discovered blood traces in his home, according to a senior detective at the center of the murder investigation.

“We found blood stains in one of Osinde’s houses where, according to his associates, he liked to spend his free time.

The curtains and some clothes in the house had blood stains. We also found empty liquor bottles and food in the house,” revealed the detective.

It is now becoming clear that Mr. Julius Mogoi, the primary suspect, may have been hired by unidentified persons to commit the murder as detectives from the homicide department and the Crime Research and Intelligence Bureau (CRIB) work through the night to piece together the circumstances surrounding the murder and the motive for the killing.

The detective said, “Someone tried to clean the house after the murder to hide evidence.”

His murderers wrapped his head carefully in a polythene bag and other clothes in what appears to have been a well-planned and executed murder to hide the details of their horrible conduct.

“His assailants used a sharp object to slash his head before wrapping it in a polythene bag. They also used the back door to remove his body from the house, avoiding the main gate, which was guarded by one of his workers,” the detective noted.

Detectives say preliminary investigations have located Mr. Osinde’s farm worker Mogoi, who is from South Mugirango constituency in Kisii County, at the scene of the murder, amid reports that he confessed to senior officers that he committed the crime, as the probe into the slaying deepens.

A top detective told Nation, “We are holding two of Osinde’s associates, including a casual worker, Julius Mogoi, whom we are treating as the mastermind of the killing.”

Detectives claim that Mr. Mogoi gave them information about the crime’s scene near River Kuja in Migori County, where the body was dumped.

Detectives suspect that before the body was placed in River Kuja, the farmhand and other individuals may have committed the crime inside Osinde’s Ngata residence.

According to a source, Mr. Osinde’s decomposing body was found in Migori’s River Kuja with a large cut on his head and his hands and legs bound, suggesting that there may have been more than one murderer.

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