“Naskia freshi, tumehamia nyumba mpya” – Stivo Simple Boy excited after moving into new house

Peter Salasya, MP for Mumias East, paid for the new home that Stivo Simple Boy and his wife recently moved into, and they are happy to be there.

After the Freshi Baridi singer approached him about helping him with his money problems, Salasya had asked for assistance in meeting him a week earlier.

After separating with his management, Simple Boy declared that he would now manage his career along with his wife and any Kenyans who were willing to assist him.

Days later, though, Simple Boy met the politician, and he pledged to pay his rent and put his wife through school.

They moved into a one-bedroom house in Fedha Estate, and the artist expressed his awe at how lovely it was during an interview with Milele FM.

“Tumehamia nyumba mpya, tushaingia. Mheshimiwa nampenda. Alisema na akatenda. Naskia freshi. Choo na bafu zimeshikana, na wardrobe iko pia. Kuna sebuleni na kuna chumba cha kulala. Yaani mambo ni mazuri tu yaani,” he said.

Loosely translated as:

“We have moved into a new house. I lobe the honourable member, he said it and he did it. The house has an inside toilet and bathroom and a living room and an in-built closet. Life is good.”

His wife revealed that they are paid KSh 13,000 and that the MP paid everything including the deposit.

When asked when the two are planning to start a family, she said:

“Bado, but iko njiani. Siezi nikasema saa hizi.” (Not yet but it’s in progress. I can’t confirm when).

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