Rodgers Andere, father of 2 Rongai kids killed by mum breaks down during burial

Over the weekend, two children who were reportedly killed by their mother with a knife were buried in a moving ceremony, and their grieving father was inconsolable.

On Thursday, June 9, an argument reportedly broke out after Rodgers Andere reportedly arrived at their Maasai Lodge house late.

After allegedly being stabbed three times by his wife, Christine Karimi, he called for assistance from his neighbors, who transported him to the hospital.

The woman reportedly locked herself in the house and stabbed her two children, six-year-old Amani Otieno and her two-year-old brother Tyrell Agogo.

She then turned the knife on herself. Neighbours broke the door, but it was too late to save the children.

On Tuesday, July 4, Andere’s brother going by @ceo_dida_thebrand_official on Instagram, shared photos from the emotional ceremony.

One photo showed Andere bitterly weeping inside a vehicle. His brother promised to be by his side through the tough times while admitting he didn’t know what to tell him.

“I still don’t have the words. I still don’t know what to tell you because no words will ever be enough with this kind of pain. Your pain really hurts me. If I never find the words, just know I will be here for you,” wrote Dida.

Another photo depicted Dida clinging to his brother at the burial.

One of the most painful images was of Andere trying to hold himself together while viewing the bodies of his children.

Tyrel and Amani were laid to rest next to each other.

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