Polisi nisaidie! Terrified matatu driver clings onto policewoman, cries for help after boda riders threaten him

After causing an accident in Nairobi that wounded a boda boda rider, a terrified matatu driver was forced to use a policewoman as protection from a furious crowd this morning.

The driver was seen clutching the policewoman in the incident that occurred on Manyanja Road in Nairobi while he took cover, his face covered in panic.

Although the policewoman and her other colleagues managed to frighten the mob that was clamoring for his blood in a video released by NTV, the motorist was so terrified that he started crying.

As the boda riders believed they had to teach the matatu driver a lesson, the female law enforcer eventually became too much for her to handle.

“These police officers should have helped this incident. I saw them taking bribes, yet this driver was hitting someone,” one of the boda riders angrily said.

They faulted the matatu driver for picking up passengers at the wrong point on the road leading to the accident.

In other news, police in Kisumu arrested a driver of a hit-and-run matatu that killed one person in April 2023 at Shajanand Holdings along the Kisumu-Kakamega highway.

According to police records, 32-year-old Hillary Livekha was the one driving Urban SACCO matatu with registration number KBG 437A on Tuesday, April 12, at about 8pm when the vehicle hit a motorcycle taxi rider Lawrence Barake who was carrying two passengers.

According to a police officer familiar with the matter, the suspect sped off as soon as the passengers had alighted.

Police mounted a search for him and the vehicle, which would be impounded and held at the Kondele Police Station yard for inspection on Thursday mid-morning.

The suspect was arrested and put in police custody to face the relevant traffic offences upon completion of investigations.

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