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Pauline Njoroge narrates how DCI officers set her into trap

Pauline Njoroge, the deputy organizing secretary for the Jubilee Party, has provided a detailed account of the moments leading up to her arrest in Watamu, Kilifi County, on Saturday evening, July 22, and subsequent court appearance.

The outspoken government critic has disclosed that on Friday, she received many phone calls from an unidentified source pretending to be a banker who wanted to deliver her private documents in person in Malindi.

Even though she answered every call, she declined every meeting request and continued her vacation with pals.

“We left the hotel that afternoon to go see Gedi Ruins, Hells Kitchen and the first Church in Malindi, which was set up by the Portuguese. When we left the hotel we found a double cabin vehicle parked outside the resort,” Njoroge narrated.

The double cabin spooked Njoroge’s friend, but seemingly she brushed it off. It did not occur to her that she was being trailed by government agents who were baying for her blood.

“My friend commented that the occupants had the demeanor of police officers but our driver told us they were probably just neighbours,” she stated.

“We passed the vehicle and proceeded to join the tarmac road. We had hardly gone a kilometre before the very same vehicle blocked us on the road and asked us to follow them to Watamu Police Station. I was however able to alert my advocate and a core group of friends that we had been picked up by the Police.”

When they got to the police station, the officers confiscated their phones and interrogated them in separate rooms.

After two hours of intense interrogation, the officers took Njoroge and her friends back to the hotel for a search without a warrant.

According to Njoroge, they found collagen and vitamin C supplements which she claimed officers labelled as psychotropic substances. She indicated that one of the officers produced a roll of bhang and pinned it on her.

“That was the first time in my life that I was seeing a roll of bangi. My friends can confirm that. In my friend’s room they took found her multi-vitamins, omega and collagen supplements. They also took her laptop, all her notebooks and all her reports and a novel she had carried. Her supplements were also labelled psychotropic substances,” she noted.

When they were taken back to the police station, the officers also searched the car they drove in and allegedly found 2 rolls of bangi, which Pauline claimed ‘came out of nowhere.’

“At that point I told the officers that it was now clear the games they were playing in order to fix us, but since we were helpless in this situation we were going to leave the matter to God in heaven who judges the affairs of men.”

As per the OB statement, the trio was charged with possession of narcotics and psychotropic substances and held until Monday, July 24, when they were produced in court. She indicated that the prosecutor’s charge sheet had no mention of narcotics.

The digital strategist said that the State had intended to charge her with hate speech against the government. The prosecution, led by Vivian Kambaga, withdrew the application to have the trio denied bond which led to their subsequent release on free bond.

“As we speak, my gadgets are with the Cyber Crime unit on Kiambu Road, because the powers that be are desperately still trying to get something to pin on me after their previous attempt failed terribly and exposed their evil scheme.”



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