Pool of Bethesda! Pastor Victor Kanyari builds ‘healing pool’ inside his church

Victor Kanyari, a controversial pastor, has borrowed from the Bible and erected taps and a swimming pool at his church.

The clergyman revealed the name of the well, Bethsaida, in an undated video on social media that has many people perplexed.

The big swimming pool is named after a biblical location associated with Jesus’ miracles.

Kanyari, who is known for his unusual rituals, was spotted instructing one of his followers to drink and bathe in the water.

According to him, the water has extraordinary medicinal abilities that may solve all of their issues.

“Nawa kabisa, ukitaka hata oga ndani, don’t fear. Kunywa ingine. Si unaskia nikisema ni kisima cha miujiza? Sasa shida zako zimeisha (Wash your hands, you can even take a shower in the well if you so wish. Drink some of it as well. Now your problems are gone),” he said to a young woman.

Pastor Kanyari directing one of his follower to wash her face and drink water from his newly built 'Bethsaida' pool

News of the “healing well” sparked a wave of controversy among the social media community, with critics arguing that Kanyari is potentially putting his followers’ health at risk.

Kanyari, who gained notoriety after being exposed for allegedly proclaiming fake miracles and deceptive fundraising tactics, remained adamant that the well was safe.

According to him, the water is procured from a reputable source, and that he prayed over the well to give it divine healing powers.

Many of his faithfuls were seen milling around the “holy well,” most probably waiting for their moment to immerse themselves in the water with hopes of finding relief.

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