Over 20 suspected Al shabaab militants killed by Kenyan forces

Police have reported that some 20 Al Shabaab militants were slain on Wednesday night in Mandera during an altercation with special troops.

The Special Operations Group (SOG) team was ambushed by terrorists at the Ogorwen Location in Mandera County, according to police spokeswoman Dr. Resla Onyango, which led to a confrontation.

“Preliminary investigations indicate that the resulting heavy gunfire exchange between the Officers who were on patrol, and the militants, left twenty militants fatally injured and eight NPS Officers injured. Police also recovered assorted weapons from the scene of the crime,” Dr Resla said.

The officers were pursuing the gang when they were attacked with a Rocket Propelled Grenade prompting the clash.

The officers were taken to a local hospital ahead of a planned evacuation to Nairobi.

A submachine gun and an RPG were among the items recovered at the scene.

The bodies of the terrorists were later processed for burial.

Kenyan security agencies have ramped up their war against al Shabaab militants operating near the main border.

Earlier on, troops at a camp in Sirari, Lamu killed one suspected suicide bomber who had attempted to stage an attack on the facility.

The suspect was found ringed with a suicide vest after he had been killed, police said.

The security team had earlier brought down a drone belonging to the terrorist group, which was on a surveillance mission at the camp.

Minutes later, the team detected a stranger trying to access the camp and confronted him with gunfire.

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