“Hata mimi nilimpigia Raila Kura” – ODM MP threatens to shoot Azimio protesters in Nakuru

Samuel Arama, a member of parliament for Nakuru Town West, is accused of pointing a gun at demonstrators on Wednesday in Nakuru.

Arama, who was at the time clutching his weapon, asked the demonstrators to disperse in a video that the Star was able to view.


In spite of his insistence, he conceded defeat to President William Ruto despite casting a vote for Azimio leader Raila Odinga.

“Kwani hatukupigia Raila Kura? Si hata mimi nilimpigia akashindwa na William Ruto alafu unakuja kutuambia upuzi hapa,” Arama is heard saying in the video.

Arama who was re-elected on an ODM ticket has publicly declared backing for President William Ruto.

On Wednesday morning, Police in Nakuru’s Shabab area had a hard time trying to contain rowdy youth who had taken to the streets for the anti-government protests.

The youth engaged the police in running battles as officers moved in to quell the situation.

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