Nairobi: Man breaks into woman’s house, steals cooking fat and unga

A 21-year-old guy from Buruburu has admitted breaking into the Buruburu 1 Primary School canteen in Nairobi and stealing 3kgs of cooking fat and two packets of wheat flour.

Julius Nyangweso, the accused, acknowledged to stealing goods worth Sh1,580 from Lilian Muthoni’s residence on June 23, 2023.

Nyangweso entered a plea before Makadara Law Courts Senior Principal Magistrate Gerald Mutiso.

Following his admission on the first count, the alternative accusation of handling stolen items was allegedly abandoned.

Two school security guards are alleged to have heard a loud bang at the shop and went to the canteen, where they discovered the lights turned on.

They asked the accused to identify himself, but he just turned out the lights. This prompted the guards to surround him and arrest him.

As a consequence, it was determined that Nyangweso got access to the canteen by smashing into pieces.

Nyangweso and the stuff he had packed in a tote bag were brought to Buruburu Police Station.

The case will be heard on June 28, 2023, subject to the introduction of exhibits and punishment.

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