Monkey meat now a delicacy in Embu, a kilo sold for Ksh.80

The residents of Runyenjes, Embu County are concerned after some of them were tricked into purchasing monkey meat.

According to early investigations, a group of lads captured the monkey, butchered it, and then cut it into lusciously delectable slices.

They went ahead and put the finished product on display, drawing a large number of eager customers.

“The monkey was notorious for invading farms in our village. They destroy our crops, leading to poor yields,” another added.

A section of residents however took issue with the group of boys for duping locals into buying the game meat.

“We will pray for those boys. What they did was not right. Many bought the meat thinking it was beef,” an infuriated resident said.

Others, however, quipped about the ordeal describing the boys as an enterprising lot who-like a double edged sword-killed two birds with one stone.

“I see no intent of malice there. The boys actualized their curiosity, killed the animal and made a few coins out of it,” a residents said.

Residents further pushed the government to address constant human-wildlife conflict in the area.

“We want the government to erect a fence that will help control the animals from accessing our farms,” a resident said.

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