Mike Sonko spoils Ngesh, her sibling singers with cash and stylish clothes

Former Nairobi Governor and philanthropist Mike Sonko has met Spider Clan rap group known for their viral Gengetone song ‘Kaveve Kazoze’.

In videos shared online, Sonko was seen gifting them a wad of cash and later, an assortment of stylish wardrobes to spice up their celebrity look.

Spider Clan’s de facto leader Ngesh ‘Kaveve Kazoze’ is also seen thanking the former Nairobi honcho for his benevolence while also noting that, after many unfulfilled promises, they’d finally landed something out of their viral fame.

“Tumeshukuru sana sisi kama Spider Clan, tumepiga looku, at least, promise moja imetimiza manze. Tumepewa promises mob, karibu tu give up but sasa tuko fiti, tumeshukuru sana,” she said.

In other videos, a beaming Sonko, in his typical outlandish attire, is seen dishing out brand new cloths to the group after which they all dressed up and joined him for a photo and rap session.

“Fungua tu uangalie ndani vile inakaa. Hizi ni zile mi huvaa…Nataka mpige looku, mkae kama Spider Clan!” Sonko says to the team.

After a quick changing session, Ngesh ‘Kaveve Kazoze’ joined Sonko for a quick rap as they both take turns to rhyme out to the now super-famous lines.

On Twitter, Sonko acknowledged the rap group, saying he had booked them to perform at his Coast-based nightclub this weekend.

“We must support our own. I gifted Spider Clan crew (Kaveve Kazoze) with some stuff for their performances and also paid them to perform at club volume mombasa this coming weekend,” he tweeted.

“I will continue supporting local talents across the country because most of them rely on their talents for survival.”

Ngesh, a girl-next-door female rapper, blew to instant fame after ‘Kaveve Kazoze’ song became a viral hit across Kenya’s urban regions, becoming some sort of a meme and spawning incredibly popular refrains at nightclubs.

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