“He is not funny” – Jua Cali roasts Njugush over his comedy shows

Jua Cali has publicly criticized well-known comic Njugush and claimed that he is not a genuine comedian.

Within the entertainment sector, there is a raging controversy about Jua Cali’s surprise remark.

Days after Njugush and his wife gave a sold-out comedy event in Australia, Jua Cali expressed similar feelings.

Jua Cali shared his unfiltered viewpoint on Twitter, writing:

“”Njugush ni boy wangu but hakuna comedian hapo not funny at all.”

Njugush has been touring out of the country where he has performed for Kenyans in the diaspora.

Recently, he was in Australia where he aimed to leave Kenyans abroad in stitches.

Unfortunately, there are some complaints from down under with one particular Kenyan complaining that his Through Thick and Thin 4 show left much to be desired.

These sentiments were shared by a Kenyan Twitter user called Gustavo 254 who started off by saying,

“My pal njugush is struggling hadi ameanza kuita Kina Butita comedy hall imetulia kaa lecture hall.”

He went on to add in another post,

“Nikama njugush aliconfuse mchongoano na comedy Bana hadi sahii sijasmile Bana na $30 imeenda.”

And another;

“Njugush next time kindly please specify if it’s mchongoano Unatuletea ama ni comedy ndio tujue kitu tunalipia sio kushtuliwa tu fwaa na matusi za primary.”

Some Kenyans agreed with his sentiments and lampooned comedians from the East African nation, opining that we never produce great stand-up comedians.

Others defended him and stated that it was part of the process as a comedian to struggle with new crowds.

Check out some of the comments below;

Khotsa James: Kenya hakuna mtu anaeza fanya stand up for 15 minutes hata .That’s why comedians wakenya Churchill wanakuwanga na ngoma ya intro 5 minutes befor a 1 minute 10 seconds performance ya mchongoano.

Spaaaaamatozoa: Eeh bro umepush hii agenda. Si ungesimama utoke ama uliwekelewa kifuli kwa kiti

Mcwinter’: Lucky I didn’t waste my time and money. I was about to travel 450ks madam akaniokoa!

The Architect: I think what He needs to do is to employ scriptwriters

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