“Ama uende ufanye event kwenyu!” Jalang’o now wants 50% of jobs from all events held in Lang’ata

Phelix Odiwuor Khodhe, also known as Jalang’o, a Lang’ata Member of Parliament (MP), has stirred up debate after issuing a new order that will apply to all activities held in his district.

The newly elected MP declared in a statement that 50% of the labor for all events held in Lang’ata must come from his district.

Any event planner who disobeys this new rule, according to Jalas, will be required to find a venue outside of Lang’ata.

Carnivore Grounds, Uhuru Gardens, and Nyayo Stadium are among the locations impacted by the MP’s announcement.

“New Guideline, If you are Hosting an event in Langata venues and you dont give our young people a chance to work at your event, that event will not happen! Carnivore, Uhuru Gardens, Nyayo Stadium, and any other venue in Langata! 50% of jobs must be from Langata Youths ama uende ufanye event kwenyu!”


 “We are not asking for alot..Bouncers, ticketing, Cleanups, casual waiters, Stewarts.”

The new rules, however, have drawn varied reactions from Netizens, with some claiming that he overstepped his bounds as an MP.

Others questioned the new directive’s purpose and if it had been discussed with the appropriate authorities before being made public.

Another segment made the point that because most events call for qualified staff, requiring 50% of the jobs necessary for them may be challenging.

Before focusing on events, the MP was challenged by events expert Chris Kirwa of Cate and Chris Limited to apply the same mandate to enterprises operating in Lang’ata.

“Hahaha. Can we apply the same to all businesses in Langata 😀. Once that happens

We as the Events Industry might consider. For now, Chaos is loading. By The way – Parliament is in which Constituency,’ Chris Kirwa said.

Social media reactions

@dennischege: Surely Jalas you can do a better communication. This sounds ill intend and a call to chaos during the next immediate event. What is 50% of work? Most planners need technicians for sound and lighting, the tents they have need some specialized skill to erect them etc.

@ClayNgambwa: Does he forget that some of the places he mentioned i.e Carnivore is privately owned and operated. Events going to these locations are private and privately sourced. These are not Langata constituency CDF events to dictate that jobs have to be 50% outsourced and to Youths in the constituency! 

@YussufIbra: Ume ona uanze na wale unajua kwanza?! Now apply this logic to Langata police station, Langata Baracks you can even add Langata cemetery as a bonus!

@ItsPeterMbugua: As a Langata resident I support

@base10_: Acha ufala bana, utaambia mtu aje vile anafanya biz yake? Come up with better methods of creating employment for your so called Langata youths, otherwise hii ni top tier bulshiit

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