“Huyu ameshindwa kumove on” – Paula Kajala makes fun of ex-lover Rayvanny

The daughter of Tanzanian actress Fridah Kajala, Paula, claims that the song Mwambieni by Macvoice and Rayvanny was written in her honor.

Paula indicated that Rayvanny, who hasn’t been able to move on, sang the song to try and express his affections for her in a post on her Instagram.

The lady knows herself and there is no need to reveal her name, according to Rayvnanny, who sings in the song about an unnamed individual who has subsequently won his heart.

“Nikiwaambia hii nyimbo nimeimbiwa mimi muwe mnaelewa oneni sasa…huyu kaka kashindwa kumove on kabisa huyu, (When I tell you this song was sang in my honour, you have to believe me…this guy has been unable to move on,)” Paula wrote as she played the song.

Her revelation comes days after she threw shade at Rayvanny claiming that the Mapopo hitmaker could not get over her despite her dating someone else.

She further alleged that while they dated, Rayvanny did not spend on her so that she could look and feel beautiful, something she is getting from her current lover Marioo.

In her comparison and chiding game, Paula posted, “Kuna mtu namtesa huko, akiniona tu anatuma sana meseji. Mwambieni ex huwa harudiwi (There is someone I’m giving sleepless nights, when he sees me, he cannot stop sending messages. Tell him one does not go back to her ex).”

While it lasted, Paula dated Rayvanny born Raymond Mwakyusa briefly with the love birds parting ways in September 2022.

Their relationship began after Rayvanny had a nasty split with his baby mama Fahyvanny, who accused the award-winning singer of cheating on him despite dating for years and even siring a child together.

The pair reunited and rekindled their love after Rayvanny and Paula split. But the latter still feels that Rayvanny is still deeply in love with her even despite their nasty breakup.

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