Husband divorces wife after refusing to sleep with him on wedding night

When his wife refused to sleep with him, a groom resolved to break his marriage the next day.

The unhappy bride shared her experience of a horrible wedding night on the radio show Hot Nights.

“I was married for not even 24 hours before my husband wanted a divorce, and we separated two weeks later,” she started off.

The bride recounted the events that unfolded on their wedding night, explaining that after returning to their hotel room, she was unable to fulfill her husband’s expectations because she was tired.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t give him what he wanted that night. We were tired, and I didn’t want to,” she admitted.

Explaining that:

“We were tired. I didn’t want to,’ she explained, before adding, ‘and the next day he wanted a divorce.”

The following day, to the bride’s disbelief, her newlywed husband expressed his desire for a divorce.

The suddenness of his decision left her devastated and grappling with the emotional aftermath of their failed union.
Bride frowns and refuses to hug groom

Elsewhere, a video from a wedding showed the moment a bride refused to hug the groom.

The unhappy lady with an unwelcoming countenance folded her hands as the groom made a move to hug her.

Seeing that she would not come into his open arms, the groom got closer and forcefully hugged her and got a kiss from her the same way.

The bride did not still smile afterwards. Guests surrounded the couple with some recording the newlyweds with cameras and phones.

The video seen on TikTok amassed over 400k views as many opined that the bride didn’t seem pleased with the wedding.

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