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“I want to motivate girls that sports can also be a profession” – Faith Kipyegon

Faith Kipyegon, a world record holder, has stated that she wants to empower women as part of her legacy.

In an interview with CNN international correspondent and media personality Larry Madowo, Kipyegon stated her desire to serve as an example for female athletes.

“I want to motivate girls that sports can also be a profession,” she said.

On a lighter note, Kipyegon said people are calling her superhuman because of the record she holds and that it motivates her.

“People say I am superhuman and I just laugh because it motivates me. Because not many people are superhuman. But I am. So it really motivates me a lot and I still work to be a superwoman in my career,” Kipyegon said.

During the interview, Madowo was reminiscent that Kipyegon said she would break the world record in November last year.

Kipyegon said breaking records inspires her more than winning medals.

She had tried breaking the 1500m world record last year but was not successful.

“I did not lose hope. I still pushed myself,” she said.

Kipyegon said she found motivation from her daughter who told her to bring her a medal from the marathon.

“I went and won the medal and dedicated it to my daughter,” she said.

Further, Kipyegon said she is proud of running barefoot because of the many things she has achieved so far

She said she ran barefoot because she found it comfortable.

“I told my manager, thank you, Nike, you have given me very beautiful spikes but I didn’t know how to use them by then.”



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