Court jails Baby Sagini cousin to 40 years in prison for gouging out his eyes

Alex Maina, the primary suspect in the heinous assault on Baby Junior Sagini, was given a 40-year prison term by Senior Resident Magistrate Christine Ogweno.

The three-year-old child whose eyes were gouged out at Ikuruma Village in Kisii County in December 2022 is Maina’s cousin.

Additionally, the grandmother Rael Mayaka and aunt Pacifica Nyakerario of infant Sagini received prison sentences of 10 and 5 years, respectively, from Magistrate Ogweno of the Kisii Law Courts.

On July 7, the court declared the trio responsible for gouging out infant Junior Sagini’s eyes.

After being taken hostage for six hours, Baby Sagini had his eyes gouged out. Since it was originally publicized, his situation has captivated the nation’s interest.

The initial attempted murder accusation against the suspects was changed to severe bodily harm on February 2, however this was done because there wasn’t enough evidence.

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