“Macho ni kama zangu” – Andrew Kibe suspects he is the father of Thee Pluto’s baby, wants DNA

Controversial YouTuber Andrew Kibe has expressed suspicion in response to Thee Pluto and Felicity Shiru’s latest baby face reveal.

However, they chose to unveil their baby girl Zoey to their followers in order to relieve the burden of keeping her secret.

Fans flooded the pair with loving remarks and congrats for their gorgeous kid, who was claimed to resemble both parents.

On Monday, July 10, Andrew Kibe responded to the baby’s likeness to her parents in a YouTube video.

“No! Its a no for me. Sioni resemblance wacha nisikudanganye,” he continued.

Kibe reshared Thee Pluto’s video and playfully pointed out that both Felicity and Thee Pluto have a light complexion, whereas their baby has a different skin tone.

Thee Pluto and Felicity Shiru Finally Reveal Their Daughter's Face
Thee Pluto and Felicity Shiru Finally Reveal Their Daughter’s Face

Kibe teasingly claimed that the baby looks more like him, joking about his distinct hairline and spotlight-like eyes.

“Huoni ako na hairline kama yangu… hairline yangu huwa straight bila madoido. Alafu pia macho zinkaa na spotlight kama zangu.” Kibe said.

He denied seeing any resemblance between Zoey and her parents, contradicting the opinions of fans who had praised the baby’s likeness to her parents.

In his response, Kibe humorously advised Thee Pluto to consider taking a DNA test to determine the truth about Zoey’s parentage.

He emphasized the importance of DNA testing, regardless of whether people agree or disagree with his perspective.

“Whether youre hating or not, DNA is important,” he said.

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