3 managers arrested for forcing female employees to undress in Limuru

A drama involving female employees of a Limuru-based company being forced to strip off while working has resulted in the detention of 3 managers.

In connection with the event when it was allegedly necessary for the female employees to disrobe while at work, three top managers of the company were detained on Thursday.

According to the authorities, the supervisors ordered the female employees to remove their clothes and demanded to know who had disposed of a sanitary towel in the wrong bin.

The police reported that the quality assurance manager, human resource manager, and HR assistant were all held.

Police say they are being questioned, and they will appear in court on Friday to defend themselves against a number of charges.

The company’s management was unavailable for comment.

According to witnesses, several female workers were made to strip off Monday after a soiled sanitary towel was discovered in the incorrect disposal bin.

According to Tigoni police, their investigation revealed that a top manager had previously forced female employees to remove their clothes.

The incident was originally made public by Senator Gloria Orwoba, who claimed to have gotten a distress call about it on Monday night.

“I got a report about an incident that the Quality Assurance Manager had found a sanitary towel put in the wrong bin,” Orwoba posted on her social media platforms.

“The manager allegedly got all the women from the team and told them to undress so that she could check who was on her periods so that they could punish them for putting the towel in that bin.”

She continued by saying that despite her involvement, things had gotten worse.

“It is unfortunate that the matter has escalated despite this morning’s intervention through my office,” she added.”

“All institutions should purpose to implement the MHM Policy in Kenya for the good of all stakeholders,” she added.

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