Tiktoker Nyako: I make at least KES 1 million monthly from Tiktok

Popular Tiktoker Nyako has been in the nation for a few days, meeting and greeting her admirers.

She claims to consider herself a European and to have mastered the techniques of living like a white man in an interview with Radio Maisha.

Nyako stated that she is glad to be a Kenyan and asked that no one misinterpret her, but she has ceased acting in Kenyan ways.

She has lived in Europe for about 18 years and has worked as a housemaid there starting at the age of 23.

When questioned about her visit to Germany, she responded:

“…I really didn’t know what took me to Germany I was not self aware I was confused and didn’t have perspective and had a hard time settling in…”

She revealed she joined TikTok 6 months ago and it hasn’t been easy the name Pilot on my username comes from the fact that my husband is a pilot.

To her boarding school shaped her into who she is today and that’s where her toughness comes from.

For her she says when she started doing content, she was doing it for entertainment and it wasn’t anything really serious.

“TikTok is like a drug , you start for fun but once you get used to it, you always want to be in front of the camera. ”

Nyako reveals that also the money one can earn from TikTok is so good so you will always want to do more.

She revealed the most she has ever earned is 7000 euros which is equivalent to Sh1M.

And that she started earning that money when she started trending which really shocked her that she could earn that much in a month.

Nyako says in Germany the effect is at zero because no one knows her but in Kenya she is highly known and she even has to walk around with security that have been provided by Hon Masaki.

She says at the moment she is just looking to enter into contracts with some Kenyan companies that would keep her employed and she doesn’t need to go back and get a job in Germany.

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