“Kaveve Kazoze” – ‘Rieng Genje’ hit maker Ngesh returns to hawking despite being famous

Ngesh aka Wangechi of the Spider Clan group, who sang Kenya’s newest song Rieng Ngeje, is known for her warmth.

The video has already received 704k views. It came out a month ago. The glowing reviews have catapulted her to fame.

Ngesh is now telling her fans what it’s like to work as a hawker.

She revealed a week ago that, in addition to singing, she works as a hawker selling handbags.

She confirms that she has returned to her hustle.

“Back to business,,,,,ni bidii #tag kujituma💪💕💕#r.kamsoo” Ngesh informed fans on her tiktok.

Her fans are encouraging her not to give up.

Check out the comments below:

Entertainment Perfect: 👑keep going…..na never shy away ata ukienda interview next kwa Tv request for a job from Kenyans hutakosa kathaa wata taka kukupea job

jcapital: All the best girl..

charity princess: Good job dear 😘

i.t.s.ms.mutua: 🌹wow I was wondering where I saw you….😊… keep winning girl

👑Wamaitha 👑Karanu: Ngesh do you do deliveries…I need two…ya black na ya white ….ama nkujie.location plz

XBM TEPP: Napenda uyu dem thats the true spirit of celebrity❤️

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