Raila offers 600K to family of Mau Mau veteran in aid of hospital bill

On Sunday, June 18, the family of Brigadier John Kiboko, a veteran of the Mau Mau, appealed to the government to assist in paying his Ksh3 million medical bill.

The independence fighter’s son, Maina Kiambati, bemoaned the difficulty of paying a portion of the sum that has accumulated since Kiboko’s entrance.

However, they were appreciative of Raila Odinga, the head of the opposition, who gave them Ksh600,000 to cover the deposit price.

The brigadier’s family also commended the association of the descendants of the Mau Mau conflict soldiers for getting him to the hospital right away.

“He has been in hospital for about four weeks, and no government official has offered help. We want to plead with the government to help us settle the bill totaling millions.

“Even if they will not come and visit him in the hospital, we will appreciate the financial help as we have done all we could,” Kiambati pleaded, adding that the veteran was responding well to treatment but could not be discharged.

Further, the family revealed that the Mau Mau fighter fell ill after attending the burial of the late Field Marshal Mukami Kimathi on May 13.

The veterans argued that Kiboko sacrificed to fight for freedom and thus deserved government aid and recognition.

“We cannot settle this bill on our own. He will be forced to remain in hospital if the bill is not cleared. We are asking the government to act swiftly before the last of the Mau Mau people find their eternal home,” a representative from the association lamented.

On June 10, the veterans claimed they were being conned by individuals posing as government officials in charge of a Ksh50 billion fund released to support them.

Some of them were reportedly asked to pay a Ksh10,000 registration fee to access the alleged funds.

“They lied that they would buy us pieces of land and even told us that there was Ksh50 billion that had been disbursed. Others were asked to contribute Ksh1,000 as registration fees and an additional Ksh5,000 later,” one member lamented.

On the same day, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua promised to fully support the son of Mau Mau freedom fighter General Musa Mwariama after admitting that the government was obligated to honour freedom fighters.

Prior to this incident, Gachagua and Raila had a notable confrontation regarding the Deputy President’s assertion of being the son of a Mau Mau veteran.

Raila, in response, challenged Gachagua to provide his father’s service number, contending that it would serve as evidence supporting Gachagua’s claims. However, the Deputy President dismissed Raila’s position, asserting his refusal to partake in what he deemed to be sideshows.

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