“Niliolewa nikiwa Class 7” – Pritty Vishy opens up on her 3 marriages

Pritty Vishy has admitted to having three marriages.

TheYouTuber said on Lynn Ngugi that two of the men were already married, but she had no idea.

Her defining experience was adolescence. She felt like an adult with a partner. He was 18 years old, and she was 15 years old.

He gave her the key to his house and told her she may come and go whenever she wanted.

“You are like my wife, you know I love you. That is how I got married, siku wahi rudi home. My mum looked for me after a week, hearing gossip about where I was,” Pritty said.

At the time Pritty Vishy was in Class Seven and live with her then-boyfriend for months before her mother intervened forcing the marriage to end.

She was later taken to a children’s home as a way of protecting her from the boyfriend.

The second marriage for Pritty happened when her mother left her stepdad.

“That was when I married for the second time. My mum had battered me, so this guy offered me shelter, usijali utaenda asubhuhi mama yako akitulia. He told me to hang around until my mum calms down. That’s how I got married,” she told about being convinced.

When this was happening she was in form one, aged 17 or 18.

At the time she was still friends with Stevo Simple Boy. He did not know she was married.

Vishy confessed that the man she was seeing had another wife but she had no information about it.

“There was a photo on the wall and he had told Purity that that was his sister. I was later told I’m living in another woman’s house. My mind opened up and I knew I had to go back home,” She admitted her mistake.

She had lived with him the man for months also.

In Form One she met a mubaba actor at a wedding. They exchanged numbers. After form two she got married again.

“He was also married and I did not know. I was innocent,” She got a text message from someone confronting her about him.

This was his wife, who told him he has neglected his family for Purity.

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