President Ruto’s mother receives title deed from Uasin Gishu County govt

Mama Sarah Cheruiyot, mother of President William Ruto, was one of 505 individuals who received title deeds from the Uasin Gishu County administration in Eldoret on Thursday.

Under the Kenya Informal Settlements Improvement Programme (KISIP), landowners who moved to Maili Nne, Kuinet, and Hill School communities received the titles.

The recipients have been battling for more than three decades to receive important records.

Mama Sarah praised the Uasin Gishu County government for the kindness, noting that the people who will receive the documents had been waiting for a very long time.

She addressed the group and advised the landowners to make effective use of their properties in order to raise their socioeconomic standing.

“Land is an asset that if properly invested in, can make a huge difference to society. I call on all Kenyans to use their land properly for their prosperity and that of future generations,” she said.


“As mothers, we should not abdicate our parental role and moral guidance to our children because society is unforgiving to those who live immoral lives. We should always pray for the country,” she said.

Jonathan Bii, the governor of Uasin Gishu, stated that land is a sensitive subject since it has significant importance for each person, their families, and their communities.

“The deeds are a symbol of security, identity and pride and today marks an important moment for the beneficiaries as they receive the recognition and guarantee they deserve through the power of a title deed.

“We are providing them with a document that not only certifies their ownership of the land, but also empowers them to make better use of their property.”

“Through road construction projects covering 22.6 kilometres, we have improved connectivity and accessibility in settlements such as Huruma Mwiyenderi, Munyaka, Kamukunji, Kimumu, Hawaii, Kambi Nairobi and Hill School,” the Governor said.

The governor encouraged landowners to make improvements to their lands with the knowledge that their property rights would be upheld.

“This security not only attracts potential investors, but also encourages the residents themselves to engage more in agricultural activities, as they can now fully reap the rewards of their hard work. Furthermore, clear land ownership reduces the risk of land disputes and fosters a harmonious and cohesive community where everyone can focus on building a prosperous future,” he noted.

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