Pastor Ezekiel Odero opens new mega-church in Kisii

Pastor Ezekiel Odero of New Life Church and Prayer Centre officiated at the groundbreaking ceremony for a branch of his church in Mosocho, Kisii County, on Friday.

The Mosocho branch will occupy more than 13 acres of land after neighboring landowners agreed to unite and sell it to the church.

Pastor Odero, the pastor of the church in Mavueni, Kilifi County, was arrested and released during the inquiry into the Shakahola cult deaths.

“I came here for the inauguration of this branch. It was at a particular place (in Bonchari, Kisii) and now they are moving to a piece of land measuring over 13 acres,” Pastor Odero told the Nation.

He stated that it was his responsibility as a spiritual parent to dedicate the property on which the new church complex will be erected.

Congregants from several regions in the South Nyanza region flocked to the one-day blessing and healing ceremony.

“I think there were thousands, if not hundreds. It was just a one-day service and if we had planned a crusade tomorrow, we would have had chaos in terms of managing the people,” he said.

Pastor Odero’s younger brother, Pastor Gillack Odero, owns the church, which is being relocated to Mosocho from Rianyabaro in Suneka, Bonchari Constituency.

Pastor Gillack is the Odero family’s fourth child.

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